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We know that you are engaged in the sale of Chinese smartphones and tablets. Our affiliate program is for you. It will help significantly increase your sales this year, because our specialty is Chinese Electronics warranty service. Let us join our efforts!
What is the difference between the Town from many Cini other companies in the market of services?
The first difference:
the complete lack of
unserviceable devices!
Our internal processes are designed so that each unit will be repaired. Through weekly uninterrupted supply of new motherboards for any Chinese smartphones, even the "heavy" patient is guaranteed to receive a new heart!
The second difference:
little who loves to leave
with the money, right?
Cini Town will help you not to part with them, and gives 100% refund guarantee our partner!
We guarantee a successful repair of selling you equipment!
The third difference:
unique Internet platform, which has no analogues.
The system is developed by the best programmers in the banking sector. For all our clients will be available to own section to interact with our service and employees of the company. We believe that you just have to know who and how will service your smartphone or other gadget. The seller would then have complete control over the entire process of repair.
Due to its relatively low cost, China Electronics is in high demand. The only thing that bothers the average buyer-it breaks down, but its a fix, for example, repair of Chinese tablets and smartphones in Moscow, as well as in General, in Russia, few exercises, not only on the guarantees, but also for some money.
All is very simple! Your technique is our warranty card.
Since the sale, your buyers will receive qualitative services on repair and support their Smartphone or tablet.
The cost of warranty includes:
  • Repair services (engineer)
  • Necessary spare parts (repair and replacement)
  • Firmware and software update (eMMC)
  • Spare parts warehouse 800 sq.m.
  • Logistics in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.
  • 24/7 technical support 12:00 am
  • Replacement Fund (issue on demand replacement apparatus)
  • Toll-free 8 800 for all clients
For most buyers, opting for more expensive Chinese. Korean, American and Japanese brands is not so much a big name brand, how much longevity the device and no problems in its operation. If trading company along with the product offers coupons for warranty service is a serious argument for the buyer, it is practically 100% tuning from competitors selling similar goods without any guarantees and liability for the goods!
What is our strength?
Our experience with the Chinese technique with 2003 year! Yes, this is a real figure! More than 1 500 000 orders for 13 years. Cooperation with us is proud of our partners. We are an authorized service center in Russia Aliexpress!
The price includes everything from spare parts and engineers work, completing qualitative support and loyalty to your customers! You will not have any additional costs. You will be allocated your own Manager-telemarketolog. He will always be in touch to clarify controversial points concerning the particular order. All included in the price of our warranty.
We understand you are not profitable to produce a refund for your technique. We believe it is right and a priority for our cooperation. The experience of our engineers allows repair of any complexity. Even if we cannot repair the device, we will replace it at our expense to the client. Providing a guarantee on your product, we assume legal responsibility as a responsible organization. Ready to defend your interests in court.
No need of extra papers and reports. You do not need to provide lists of serial numbers and models sold. All that is required is to fill out the warranty card and put it in the box.
We have more than 300 foster points throughout the country. You can work in the region where you want. Our phone number is free for your customers. Smartphone your client anyway gets to one of the branches of our service center.
Our Service Center for repair of tablets, smartphones, smartchasov and other equipment is your reliable, sturdy, and signing a contract with Netgrad-service-reasonable and rational division of labour.

You and your customers section is available in our system. The client can communicate with the master, track all repair technicians.

You, as a partner of Cini Town will be informed of all applications sold by you.

We work with both legal entities and individuals. Fully support small and medium business in the face of beginners and recent sellers!

Your company will be able to calm and comfortable to deal with its main activity, the sale of equipment, and we will provide your customers with professional assistance. Buying added to our product warranty, the buyer will ask if there is a problem is not in your shop, and the US, where its smartphone, tablet or portable gadget repaired within a reasonable legal terms, without sending it to the manufacturer or to you for sharing! With us there is no product returns. You don't lose profit!

Agree, this form of work is beneficial to all three parties: your company, customers and us!
A full list of equipment that we are ready to serve under warranty and paid repair throughout the life cycle of the device can be found on our website

Chinese Tablet;
Chinese smartphones;
action cameras;
GPS navigators;
Fitness trackers;
MP3 and DVD players, TV set-top boxes.
We provide a guarantee not only on Chinese equipment, but also for products from other countries. You get new customers to you for shopping will turn loyal customers satisfied your selection, your prices and our service. Buyers save money, time and nerves. We are engaged in their favorite work and give technology second life. This is our tripartite cooperation model, which will bring all only benefit, profit and satisfaction!

Up to 1000 pieces.
Smartphones 1 year warranty.
Tablets 1 year warranty.
Laptops 1 year warranty.
Smartchasy 1 year warranty.
Fitness bracelets 1 year warranty.
Kvadrokoptery 1 year warranty.
Navigation and registrars 1 year warranty.
Segway and giroskutery 1 year warranty.
From 1000 pieces.
Smartphones 1 year warranty.
Tablets 1 year warranty.
Laptops 1 year warranty.
Smartchasy 1 year warranty.
Fitness bracelets 1 year warranty.
Kvadrokoptery 1 year warranty.
Navigation and registrars 1 year warranty.
Segway and giroskutery 1 year warranty.
From 10000 pieces, according to the results of the meeting.

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