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Car computer, on-board computer with their hands

15.12.2016 4341

On-board computer android

Most of us own a vehicle without it today. Probably everyone wanted to extend its functionality. We buy different car DVR, buy Navigator, radar detectors for cars and many other gadgets that will eventually close all windshield, closing the review. Yes and use all devices at once, during the movement as something not very comfortable. Many cars do not have their own on-board computer. The driver cannot accurately measure fuel consumption per hundred, or expense for the entire route. Car navigators require constant updating of maps for navigation in the city. As we know, the situation on the road is changing almost daily, new roads are closed, detour path looked old and so on.

All I am, all this can be paid in one device, not expensive, not more than the cost of a normal Navigator and much more cheaper car computer. Interesting? Then let's go!

So today I will tell you how out of the ordinary Tablet for three and a half thousand rubles to make on-board computer with their hands. With the Functionality of the car computer is simply HUGE!

Let's go before I'll explain step by step how to do this, highlight some key features. Firstly you will have your Universal car PC for Android. He has constant access to the Internet, social networking, online music Vkontakte and movies. He can call if for example your phone toto is wrong.

Next course is primarily a Navigator, which has the most new cards that only you can come up with. It has a map of your city, which he keeps in memory, but continuously loads the loads of information about traffic jams, displays and warns on road cameras, accidents, diversion routes and more!

Next, after you install special software, you get very precise car radar which sees all the possible radar, traffic cameras, sees all the posts and the main DPS, he observes the speed mode and prevents camera such as aloud with a limit of 80 and so on. You'll always pass in the desired speed mode and avoid those nasty "letters of happiness" from the authorities.

Another very important function, it's on-board computer. Your tablet will contact your car will you all possible indicators that only provided your car electronics. Starting from pressure in the cylinder, throttle position and oil pressure to acceleration up to hundreds, the situation of the banks, car fuel, oxygen sensors, crankshaft, and so on. And most importantly he can conduct computer diagnostics of the car with their hands. It checks for any errors in the engine, especially if you have lit, it can disable it without treatment service.

So let's start!

The first! We need a Tablet, not expensive, with SIM card, gps and 3 g. I chose Tablet 7 Inch HIT Explay. Price 2500 on average up to $100

It is ideally suited for such purposes. He's calling it has gps, Internet, bluetooth.

The second! Need a car mount for the tablet. I chose the most inexpensive that found in euroset for 390r. How to: dock your computer, you decide! Can the glass as I can on the torpedo, Can on the sun visor, no problem!

The third! Car charger for your phone-tablet. Normal charge into the cigarette lighter hole. In her we connect our self-made computer for use on the vehicle network. Again, their big set, from 50 p to 1500r. I bought Belkin charge for pool very nice and big, with two usb ports. Will be charged and Tablet and phone at the same time.

Fourth, we need little ELM 327 bluetooth receiver. Type this name in the search engine! Immediately a lot of descriptions and proposals on purchase. Its price is around 300-polymeric by-products. What is it?! This is the receiver that is inserted into the diagnostic connector on your auto. Your tablet will connect to it and begin to read indicators all sensors of the car.

If I have such a connector in the car?!?!?! Without panic! If you have a fuel injected engine, means your car has engine control unit (FUCK) which means that the connector too! Most commonly it is located under the dash on the driver's seat. Take a look to find 100%

Actually all. Now we need to put in a computer SIM card with the Internet. Include, enter your google account, if not, create one.

Place the tablet in a convenient location, insert the elm327 socket. By the way, the receiver can not take out ELM this connector. It does not consume battery power, it does not interfere with driving and will not affect the work of the whole car. Installed it and forgotten).

So once the Tablet is docked, plugged into the cigarette lighter, there is the Internet, turn on bluetooth, find our module elm, connect. He asks pin, most often it is 00000000 or 1234 or 1122.

Next go to Play the Market and install the following software:

Nova Launcher

(Launcher, the new desktop for Tablet he more fast, customizable, beautiful)

Yandex Navigator

(Needs no presentation. The great and mighty, with all the attendant Yandex)

Pro Torque

(Onboard computer Program. Connects to a computer via ELM327)

GPS Radar Detector

(Peerless radar for automobiles that works Offline, without the Internet. Simply refresh the database and go!)


Further on you can put a couple of useful programs, such as PlugSound. It plays mp3 file when connecting or disconnecting the power supply. For example, I myself said the sound is not a closed door from the chevrolet camaro. Now when you turn on the ignition, the computer emits this sound, the same sound is activated when the ignition is switched off.

So, open the program Pro Torque (I advise you to buy the paid version. first it capabilities more, secondly it created the wonderful people who worked on her creation. They deserve Awards) if the toad Smothers, on the Internet there is a hacked version of this software.

After opening, the program prompts you to create a profile of your vehicle. Write the make, model, weight, engine volume, and so on. The program entirely in Russian, Setup problems will not arise.

Now in fact we can choose either to locate errors and diagnose auto or dashboard. On the dashboard can be a long retention of fingers to create the desired sensors to display indicators for your car.

Here is an example of the dashboard that I brought.

There is a speedometer, tachometer, engine load, engine temperature, vacuum and many other utility. The appearance of these devices can be changed with the help of those who also siphoned off in the market.

Here is an example of scanning a vehicle for errors:

As you can see I have showing multiple records, they are not errors.

Their ID decoding is available online. When you click on each of them, he opens the browser and displays a description of each. If your engine has a problem, they will also be on this list of red or yellow flowers. You can see a description of each, if the problem is not serious, the error can be removed by clicking on the menu. If you have lights on car lot places for eating CHEK icon (not serviceability engine) then your car computer will be able to identify the problem, remove it, and CHEK goes out! Most importantly, look at the description of the error. If it is not serious, for example fuel quality, delays, pokazyvaetdannye lambda sensor oxygen sensor, etc, then you can remove the error and ride to visit IT. But if the error indicates an apparent engine trouble, I advise you to go to service and show them the error code. They will understand what it is.


As you can see, turned out very useful thing for your car. Without it now auto Kako boring. Here you can enable children and cartoons, and route on the edge of the world lay, and the machine to diagnose, and fine don't get caught)

If you are difficult to install and configure all of this, we are waiting for you in our service center. Our engineers will gladly set up your tablet, cost of service 1590r. This price includes installing and configuring all the necessary software for your car computer. The work will take no more than an hour. You will only have to connect it to the car.

We actively respond to questions at the end of the article, feel free to comment, share a link, sign up on the Forum. Let's help each other!

With you was Demekhin s.l.

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With you was Sergey Demekhin. Good luck on the roads!