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Laptop does not turn on what do I do?

15.12.2016 451

Good day dear readers of our blog.

Today we consider the computer as a laptop. Consider the most frequent breakdowns laptop and carry out diagnosis yourself at home.

Overall, the laptop is very similar in design with the personal computer. If disassembled, we will see the motherboard, processor, hard drive and operativku. In the other there is nothing new here.

And so, let's look at the most frequent malfunction of the notebook, and give for each issue of my extended comment. So there you go.

Laptop does not turn on.

Suppose the situation. You connect the power supply to your laptop, punch the power button and no reaction occurs. What could be the problem?

So in order. On each laptop is charging. Led red or green. Usually, when you connect the power supply to the charged noutu, it glows green. If the battery is discharged, it may take a little indicator will be red or yellow. This indicator is located directly on the body of the laptop, or under the keyboard on the edge of the shell, either under the display, or near the power button.

If you are connecting to a laptop charging it does not light up, then the problem is either in the power supply or the power circuit on the motherboard. First check the power supply (you can buy a new one, but check out the old multimeter). If mul'timeter (tester) showed that the block has buy a new voltage in no hurry.

Try to pull out the battery from the notebook (unless of course it is removable) and also try to turn on the computer.


It happens that the faulty battery prevents the zapustku computer.

If the unit is functioning properly, the battery did not help, the lights on the computer not burn-then the problem is with the motherboard notebook. Need repair.

Consider the second scenario of events.

We press the power button on the laptop light up indicators, audible cooling cooler works but the screen remains black (even without the backlight).

Such syndromes indicate a hardware problem. Let's try to delete "hinged" equipment such as a hard disk or ssd, RAM, etc.

For this we need a screwdriver) if such skills not, we recommend you contact our engineers for more detailed diagnostics computer.


So why is he almost turns on but does not work?

On the motherboard there are numerous complex chips that are checked BIOS (sewn in memory motherboard notebook).

If one of them is out of order, then of course the program will not start all the equipment.

In this case, you need a professional component repair motherboard notebook.