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Will not turn on Tablet

15.12.2016 551

Such a situation happens, pick up the Tablet, who worked an hour ago and it just does not respond and will not turn on. This occurs quite often. If you do not turn on your tablet, you can try on their own to try to return him to life.


Now we try to describe how to self-diagnosis Tablet. To understand, carry it in for repair? Or is it a simple issue, solvable by yourself.

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First, in what could be the problem, it is the system itself. It happens that the system freeze and stop responding to your button. Try to press it and hold 15 seconds. Then release and press again, as if you turn the Tablet (2-5 sec). If there is no reaction, looking at the device, either in manual hole diagram signed as RESET. Take a paper clip, turn down one end and gently insert it into the hole. There is button. Push until a light click. Let go. Now try to turn the tablet.

If the Tablet is not included, then put it on the charger. We are waiting for Mint 20. Try to include.

Let's say he's not involved.

If, after taking the above it still does not turn on, check the battery charger.

If there is an opportunity to test the multimeter, wondrous. If not, you can ask to a friend, or pick up a similar charge with same vol'tazhom and Connector (connector). Tablet PC usually come charging at 5v, 9v, 12v. Mostly found at 5. If your on the 5 and plug as mini or micro usb, you can connect it to a PC via a suitable cable. Usually such tablets recharged by usb. Wait 20 minutes, then try to turn it on.

Will not turn on Tablet what should I do

In this case, the problem may be the following:
1) not working power button itself (usually disappears when you click a click). You want to solder it in place.

2) Tablet actually works, just no picture. There may be a feeling that it is off. In this case, put on charge for a couple of hours. Then, hold off 15 seconds (or click reset). Wait 15 min until cool Tablet housing (back cover can bask when charging). Now try to turn (3-5 sec button) and wait 2 minutes. The back cover should be slightly warm (just barely). If this happens, and it's not much of a hot, mean tablet is healthy and just no picture. In this case, you need to disassemble the Tablet, and check the ribbon cable from the matrix to the motherboard. Often, he simply jumps out of the clamp, and the image disappears.

3) battery. In some tablets programmable power supply that will not turn on the Tablet, if the problem is in the battery or it does not. Therefore, if you open the device, immediately see if the battery is connected. Battery was soldered wires tablets to the motherboard or plugs connector or train. In General, checked. All tip top.


Now, if possible, measure the voltage which produces the battery and how much goes to the tabs on the battery (disconnect it from the motherboard, plug w.) and measure the voltage on the contact Board, Clem, Plume (black-red +).



  • If your charge at 5v battery means you have 3.7 (charging current from the motherboard to the battery should be 3.9-4.2 v)
  • If your charging 9v battery means a battery 7.4 (charging current from the motherboard to the battery should be 7.9-8.5 v)
  • If your charge on 12v it means the battery is likely too 7.4 (charging current from the motherboard to the battery should be 7.5-7.6 v)


Should fit all the above, it means that the power circuit is not defective. Perhaps your tablet is not included due to a failure in the loader (bootloader).

If the same data on diet are different, it means that your friend needs qualified maintenance. Then we are waiting for you in our service center Cini town.

We actively respond to questions at the end of the article, feel free to comment, share a link, sign up on the Forum. Let's help each other!

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